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Dont forget about us. - There are some things I can hardly say [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dont forget about us. [Jan. 5th, 2006|08:02 pm]
[Mood |Tired]
[Music |Full House.]

The break was good and it def. shouldnt have ended so fast.

Well im surprised that i didnt fall asleep in ALL of my classes today. I made it w/o closing one eye.hah.

K well this wasnt random or anything. I'm gonna go watch tv now.bye.

o1. Name: Jamie Swindall
o2. Birth date: September 23, 1989
o3. Birthplace: Birmingham, AL
o4. Current Location: Vestavia
o5. Eye Color: Green
o6. Hair Color: Blonde
o7. Height: 5'6"
o8. Righty or Lefty: Righty
o9. Zodiac Sign: Libra
10. Marital Status: Taken
11. Nicknames: jlo hoe
12. Siblings: 1 sister who i love!



13. What did you do yesterday?: Went to audjs,then school,then the mall!
14. What are you doing tomorrow?: Getting my hair cut w/kristi & going to see nathan play!
15. What are you listening to?: The T.V.
16. What country would you most like to visit?: Italy
19. What are you most afraid of?: Being alone/
20. What are you wearing?: Shorts, t-shirt.
21. What are you thinking about right now?: that boy.
22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: pink.
23. One pillow or two, cotton or feather? 1, cotton
24. Hw do you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup: I just stuff all of its goodness in my mouth at once!

25. Single?: no
27. Understanding?: pretty much
28. Arrogant?: No.
30. Interesting?: Every once in a while.
31. Friendly?: I try to be.
32. Smart?: Yes, but only in history.
33. Moody?: When I'm on my period.
34. Childish?: When im with my friends! hah
35. Idependent?: sortof?
36. Emotionally Stable?: .i think i am.
37. Shy?: When I'm not around my friends.
38. Attractive?: i dont think i am,but there are times i feel i sorta am? hah.
39. Bored Easily?: sometimes
40. Responsible?: yah im getting there.
41. Sad?: As of now, yes.
42. Obsessive?: No.
43. Obsessive compulsive?: Not really.
44. Psycho?: No.


45. Your heritage?: Irish/Scottish?
46. Your weakness?: Chocolate
47. Your fears?: Being alone.
48. your perfect pizza?: Sausage.
50. Your current Mood?: sad and tired.
51. Your current Music?: the tv. show rosanne.
52. Your current Taste?: The best hot chocolate I've ever made.
53. Your current Hair?: pony-tail
54. Your current Smell: Lacoste.
55. Your current Favorite Celebrity: Orlando Bloom.and hilary duff.
56. Your most overused phrase on AIM/YAHOO/MSN?: haha.
57. Your thoughts first waking up?: more sleep please.
58. Your best physical feature?: mmm legs. &something else,but lets not go there.
59. Your bedtime?: When I get tired.
60. Your most missed memory?: how i spent everyday,and everyweekend with hayden.
61. Your good luck charm?: a necklas.
62. Your favorite quote?: "she covered her love like stars covered the sky,hiding her heart,fearing what he would find inside"
63. The worst song you ever heard: hah there are many.
64. The last thing you ate?: starbucks coffee.
65. The last thing you said?: some part of a song.
66. The best song you ever heard?: She Said
67. The shoes you wore today?: Wallabees
68. The most embarrassing thing you've done?: peeing in my pants during recess in 3rd grade i think.
69. Your room is like?: a mess.
70. Goal you'd like to achieve?: Become an interior designer and move to italy.


71. Fallen for your best friend?: Yes.
72. Made out with JUST a friend?: Yah
73. Been rejected?: Yup
74. Been in love?: Yes.
75. Been in lust?: Oh definately.
76. Used someone?: no.
77. Been used?: Probably.
78. Cheated on someone?: Nope.
79. Been cheated on?: probably.
80. Done something you regret?: i dont regret anything.
81. Loved someone so much it made you cry?: yeah.
82. Smoked?: i have once.
83. Broken the law?: im sure.
84. Broken a bone?: yes
85. Cheated on a test?: Ya.
86. Skinny dipped?: Almost.
87. Played truth or dare?: Yes.
88. Flashed someone?: Yes.
89. Mooned someone?: hah yah.
90. Kissed someone you didn't know?: well kind of.
91. Been in a physical fight?: No.
92. Ridden in a police car?: no
93. Been on a plane?: Yes.
94. Come close to dying?: Not really.
95. Been in a sauna?: Yes.
96. Been in a hot tub?: everytime go to haydens,hah. so yah.
97. Swam in the ocean?: of course.
98. Done illegal drugs?: Nope.
99. Played a game that required removal of clothing?: Ya
100. If so, was it mixed company(guys and girls)?: duh.
101. Been trashed or extremely intoxicated?: Nope.
102. Been called a tease?: not sure.
103. Gotten beaten up?: Emotionally.
104. Considered a life of crime?: No/
105. Considered being a hooker?: No

106. You talked to in person?: My dad.
107. You talked to on the phone?: Daniel.
108. You instant messaged?: Quint.
109. You had lunch with?: Blair,Maggie,Teresa.
110. You kissed?: Hayden
111. Who broke your heart?: Daniel?
112. Who kissed you?: Hayden.
113. You had physical contact with?: I got hugs from daniel.hah


114. Color your hair?: No.
115. Have tattoos?: no
116. Have Piercings?: yes,3.
117. Floss daily?: No
118. Own a web cam?: No.
119. Ever get off the computer?: Yah
120. Like Parks?: Yeh
121. Like school?: Nope.
122. Collect anything?: i used to collect lambs?.
123. Work?: no
124. Like shopping?: Of course.
125. Party?: im not really a party girl. but they are fun.
126. Smoke?: Definately not.
127. Sing?: anywhere and everywhere!
128. Have a crush?: on my boyfriend hah
129. Think you've been in love?: yes
130. Want to go to college?: yes.
131. Like(d) high school?: it has its moments.
132. Want to get married?: Yes.
133. Believe in yourself?: Most of the time.
134. Get motion sickness?: no
135. Think you're attractive?: Not really.
136. Think you're a health freak?: hell no.
137. Get along with your parent(s)?: at times`
138. Like thunderstorms?: yah
139. Play an instrument?: no.
140. Do you have a lava lamp?: no
141. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: yes

142. Pepsi or Coke: Coke
143. McDonald's or Burger King?: McDonalds.
144. Single or group dates: Both.
145. Adidas or Nike: Nike
146. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea
147. Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
148. Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee
149. Chicken or fish: Chicken
150. Thongs or Panties: Thongs.
151. Boxers or Briefs: Boxers.
152. Candy or mints: Both.

153. Drank alcohol?: yeah.
154. Smoked?: No.
155. Done a drug?: No.
156. what?
157. what?
158. Gone on a date?: yah/
159. Gone to the mall?: yah.
160. Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: No.
161. Eaten sushi?: No.
162. Been on stage?: No.
163. Been dumped?: yes.
164. Gone skating ?: yah
165. Made homemade cookies?: Yes.
166. Gone skinny dipping?: No.
167. Dyed your hair?: No.
168. Stolen anything?: Nope.


169. Best eye color: Brown.
170. Best hair color: Brown
171. Short or long hair: dosnt matter.
172. Height: taller than me please.
173. Best weight: no fattys.
174. Best articles of clothing?: A&F.
175. Best first date location: movies.
176. Best first kiss location: in the rain.hah


177. Aliens?: No.
178. Angels?: Yes.
179. God?: Yes.
181. Yourself?: Most of the time.
182. Ghosts?: No.
183. Love?: Yes.
184. Love at first sight: Maybe.
185. The tooth fairy?: No.
186. Santa Claus?: no.
187. Cupid?: No.
188. The Easter Bunny?: No.


189. Where do you want to go to college?: O'more college of art & design.
191. What do you want to be when you grow up?: Interior Designer.
192. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with: Whoever im supposed to be with.
193. Where do you want to get married?: In a church.
194. Do you want to have a small or big wedding?: Medium
195. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: somewhere i have never been before.
196. Do you want to have children?: Yes.
197. How many children do you want to have?: 3.
198. What do you want to name them?: for the boy,tucker. the girl,halen. and the other girl karlee.
199. Where do you want to live?: TN.
200. How do you want to die?: in my sleep.
201. Was this survey worth your time?: as of now,yes.

From: _leannie2211_
2006-01-09 02:02 pm (UTC)
jamie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka the best dancer in the world. i am SOoOoOoO adding you. and i think its stupid when people say this, but add me back. haha
(Reply) (Thread)
From: jamie_lorraine
2006-01-09 04:50 pm (UTC)
leanne! i will def. add you back.
&hah what can i say,i am the best dancer in the world.
hahaha. ♥you!
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